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You don’t have to live by the sea to have fresh seafood! The top priority of a great Seafood Department is freshness, which is why we have fresh-from-the-water seafood delivered to our store six days a week.

Heinen’s Seafood Department

From wild-caught to farm-raised, our seafood is also superior in taste and quality thanks to our vendors who value sustainability and responsible aquaculture.

Don’t forget! We can order any seafood you are craving and have it delivered direct to our stores.

Overnight Direct Program

We buy ocean-fresh seafood directly from our fishing partners in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state. Several times per week, our seafood buyer receives a catch-of-the-day report when a fishing vessel returns to the harbor. We hear details of the day’s catch and make our purchase based on this information. The fish is then delivered overnight directly to our stores.

Heinen's overnight direct seafood program
Shrimp seafood tray with cocktail sauce

Seafood Trays

Fresh is the focus when we prepare our impressive and delicious, made-to-order seafood trays. Crab dip,  gourmet shrimp and Nova lox is just the start. Call or visit your preferred Heinen’s location to place your order.

Straight-From-the-Sea Offerings

Heinen’s Steamed Shrimp

Heinen’s steamed shrimp is one of our signature items and one of the most popular at our seafood counters. We steam it fresh in our stores several times a day. It’s prized for its sweet flavor and crisp texture

Ready-to-Eat and Ready-to-Cook Items

Everyone loves our fresh, made-in-store, ready-to-eat seafood items. Favorites include our salmon salad, lobster, crab and shrimp salad. Other bestsellers include our line of salmon burgers and a variety of seasoned, breaded and stuffed items that are ready for the oven or stove top, along with our line of ready-to-cook items like our irresistible lobster mac and cheese.


Cleveland loves their clambakes and Chicago is learning to love them, too! At the end of the summer and early fall, we offer traditional and specialty clambake packages for your convenience, but we also stock all of the individual items you need to create and customize your own.

Our Valued Partners

Verlasso Salmon

Raised in Patagonia’s crystal clear waters, Verlasso has been a leader in adjusting salmon farming practices to be more sustainable and eco-friendly, including the use of a groundbreaking, ocean-friendly feed that contains no wild-caught feeder fish. Verlasso has been called “the best-tasting salmon in the world.”

Sixty South

The Antarctic Ocean’s pristine waters create the ideal setting for farming incredible salmon that is free of added hormones, chemicals and antibiotics. Raised in waters that have been scientifically rated as some of the purest in the world, Sixty South Salmon is unlike any other. The salmon’s icy cold habitat promotes a succulent flavor profile, an abundance of Omega-3 fatty acids and a moist texture.

Rainforest Tilapia

The constant flow of clean, Costa Rican rainforest waters into the ponds of Rainforest Tilapia is what gives the product (and the business’s namesake) its trademark clean and delicate flavor. Rainforest never uses any hormones, chemicals or antibiotics and it has committed to a zero-waste policy, ensuring 100 percent of each fish is utilized after harvest.

Lake Erie Local

Living along Lake Erie has many advantages, but the one we love the most is the next-day-fresh Lake Erie yellow perch. A local and dedicated husband and wife angling team set sail each morning seeking schools of perch. During peak season, they can spend 12 or more hours each day reeling in a fresh catch of perch for our stores.

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